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Beyond the reef

It’s no secret that we love kelp. Kelp is a truly amazing food source with a variety of health and environmental benefits. Here are some creative ways to eat our chips in order to get more kelp in your diet. 
Though they only occur in approximately one percent of the ocean, coral reefs are home to an estimated 25% of marine species. These delicate ecosystems are under threat from commercial fishing, rising temperature, and other human activities.
Salt marshes are coastal wetlands that are filled and drained by the tide. These beautiful and diverse ecosystems are threatened by polluted runoff and coastal development. 
Dead zones are one of the greatest impacts that land based agriculture has on marine ecosystems.
The ocean provides us with a number of important services. One of the greatest threats to these services is ocean acidification. Restoring kelp forests is the key to combatting ocean acidification.
Ghost nets is a term used to refer to fishing nets that have been lost or abandoned in the ocean. These nets pose a serious threat to marine life who can get caught in the nets and die.
Aside from being the basis for our delicious puffed kelp chips, kelp is an incredibly interesting organism with major ecological importance. Here are some things you might not know about kelp.
Composting is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste you contribute to landfills. It is also a great way to create nutrient rich fertilizer for your house plants. Here are some of the many different ways to compost.
Plastic Free July is an initiative put on by the Plastic Free Foundation that encourages people to reevaluate their relationship with plastic and find ways to eliminate plastic from their lives. Here are some ways to make the transition to plastic free a little easier.