Our Story

How we found a climate superhero in the ocean - kelp! - and made it into tasty, nutritious, and ocean-friendly snacks.

Before 12 Tides, our founder, Pat, was working in old-school seafood industries — think large-scale fishing and aquaculture. And what he saw made his stomach churn: overfishing, pollution and coastline destruction.

Turning the Tides

We knew there had to be a better way — a way to produce foods that are as good for the ocean as they are for us. And there is. Partnering with regenerative ocean farmers in the USA, we founded 12 Tides to create nutrient-dense, sustainable snacks with kelp.

Why Kelp

The Superhero of the Ocean

Kelp is the superhero of the ocean. It removes carbon from the atmosphere 20 times more efficiently than land crops, and it’s low maintenance—what we call “zero input” — requiring no fertilizers, no pesticides, no arable land, and no freshwater to grow. All that, and it’s delicious.


Our farmers sustainably grow and harvest organic kelp in Frenchman Bay, Maine.


The harvest ships to our kitchen where we bake it into umami-packed, puffed chips.


Savvy snackers like you stock up on our chips to help save our oceans.

Our Kelp Farmers

Leaders in sustainable aquaculture

We partner with Springtide Seaweed in Frenchman Bay, Maine. Founded by Sarah Redmond, Springtide is an industry leader in sustainable aquaculture, growing the highest-quality organic kelp — including 12 Tides’ sugar kelp — in the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Our Ocean Activism

Our Team


The original ocean activist at 12 Tides, Pat is our founder and visionary. Making his start in the traditional seafood industry, he was disheartened by its unsustainable practices and negative impacts, from overfishing and pollution to coastline destruction. Today, Pat is on a mission to show the world how our everyday food and lifestyle choices have the power to positively impact our oceans and the future of our planet.


With childhood memories of the Jersey Shore, Lindsey is intent on preserving the ocean for future generations. Her experience working for a sustainable chocolate company taught her ocean-friendly food didn’t have to compromise on flavor. It’s a message she’s passionate about as our Head of Brand, advocating for snacks that are as flavorful as they are responsible and setting the benchmark for companies around the globe.

Social Media Manager

Allison is the voice of our social media channels. An avid traveler who’s traversed countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, she’s witnessed just how single-use plastics—much of which is actually produced here at home in the US—pollute island nations on the other side of the planet. So, she shows up online every day to share our mission and start ocean activism conversations with savvy snackers like you.

Get Snacking

With an umami kick and a satisfying crunch, our puffed kelp chips will delight your tastebuds while restoring our oceans. Pop a bag open and see for yourself.