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Are 12 Tides snacks organic? What about non-GMO?

Yes! All of our snacks are USDA certified organic, which means that we are also non-GMO.

Are 12 Tides snacks vegan?

Yes! We do not use animal products in any of our snacks. However, we do produce in a shared kitchen facility with other brands that use eggs, dairy, and meat products.

Are 12 Tides snacks gluten-free?

We use only gluten free ingredients in our snacks; however, we produce alongside other small food brands in a shared commercial kitchen and the kitchen is not certified gluten free. We do not recommend our snacks to people with severe gluten allergies at this time, but hope to have a dedicated gluten free production facility once we grow.

Do your products contain any allergens?

Our snacks contain soy (as an ingredient in tamari). We also make our snacks in a shared commercial kitchen facility with other small food brands that use milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and wheat. While we do our best to prevent allergens from entering our food, people with food allergies should hold off an consuming our snacks (for now).

Are 12 Tides Puffed Seaweed Chips fried?

Our snacks are baked, never fried.

What kind of sunflower oil do you use?

We use organic high oleic sunflower oil in our puffed seaweed chips. While traditional sunflower oil is high in linoleic oils and can be problematic when oxidized, our sunflower oil has a similar composition to olive oil (86% monounsaturated fat, 4% polyunsaturated fat, 10% saturated fat). The sunflower oil we use is expeller pressed (never chemically extracted) and is never heated in the process of making our chips.

I just ordered some snacks! When will I get them?

All online orders ship within 2 business days. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking info once your order ships.

How do you make sure there are no contaminants or heavy metals in the seaweed?

We source our seaweeds from the clean waters of the Northern Atlantic, which results in high-quality, flavorful seaweed free of contaminants. For every harvest, our farmers test the seaweed for any contaminants to ensure their quality.

How can something from the ocean be certified organic?

Our seaweeds are certified organic through a rigorous testing process, which ensures that all growing and processing activities comply with organic standards.

What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a network of environmentally-conscious companies who commit to give 1% of their profits to environmental non-profits. Protecting our earth is a core value for us, so we have been a 1% for the Planet member since the very beginning.

Can I compost my packaging at home?

Our current packaging is created from 100% certified compostable materials (ASTM D6400). Our packaging will compost either at home or in an industrial composting facility, but may take longer to compost at home.

I want to get involved in ocean conservation, how can I do that?

Follow our friends at Sustainable Surf and SeaTrees to be notified of opportunities to get involved in their ocean conservation projects or to donate to these awesome causes!

Can I find your snacks in stores?

We will be launching in local SF Bay Area stores very soon. If you have a favorite retail store where you'd like to see 12 Tides, please let us know by emailing!