Our Impact

The truth is our snacks are nothing without the ocean. We’re ocean activists at heart. With 12 Tides, we’re turning the tides on climate change, one kelp chip at a time.

Creating Ocean-Positive Food

Regenerative ocean farming

Partnering with regenerative ocean farmers, we’re doing our part to remove carbon from our oceans, improving water quality while providing a habitat for biodiverse marine life.

Regenerative Ocean Foods

Kelp absorbs carbon from the ocean, reversing acidification and supporting biodiversity.

Zero-input crop

Kelp farming requires no pesticides, no fertilizers, no arable land, and no fresh water.

Produces Nutrient-Rich Food that is also tasty!

Kelp is rich in vitamins and minerals and has an umami-packed flavor.

Supports coastal communities

Our kelp is sourced directly from small-scale ocean farmers in North America.

Restoring Oceans
Kelp forest restoration

We support ocean restoration projects around the world, including SeaTrees’ initiative to restore kelp forests along the California coast through 1% for the Planet.

Reducing Waste
Compostable Packaging

Our snacks disappear pretty fast, and we think our packaging should too. 100% compostable in municipal facilities, our packaging is ocean-friendly and free from plastic.

We’ve helped reforest
5,500 square feet
of kelp along California’s coast.