Tattoos for kelp

calling all kelp fans!

We’ve lost up to 90% of our kelp forests in California, but we won’t just let them disappear. 12 Tides is getting inked to help save kelp forests and we want YOU to join us! For each person who gets a kelp tattoo, we'll restore 40 square feet of kelp forest with our nonprofit partner SeaTrees.

Here's what to do:

1) Schedule your tattoo appointment with your favorite tattoo artist!

2) Snap a few pics and videos of your new tattoo.

3) Share your tattoo on Instagram with #Tats4Kelp. Don't forget to tag @12tides!

Already have a tattoo? No problem! Skip ahead to step #2.

Scroll down to learn how you can WIN a free kelp tattoo!

How can tattoos save kelp?

These kelp tattoos will make kelp permanent in more ways than one. By tattooing kelp on our bodies, we are celebrating the beauty of this incredible ocean ecosystem and raising awareness for the threats that face kelp forests today.

San Francisco, ca
win a tattoo with arlene

Win a free kelp tattoo with Arlene at Rose Gold's Tattoo in San Francisco! Arlene's background in medical illustration and she specializes in detailed fine-line & black work.

Ucluelet, British Columbia
Win A Tattoo with Taylor

Win a free kelp tattoo with Taylor at Space Ukee Tatto in Ucluelet, British Columbia.  Taylor is an incredibly talented artist who specializes in nature-inspired tattoos. Taylor will design a custom tattoo for each of the winners.

San Francisco, CA
Win a tattoo with Kevin

Win a free kelp tattoo with Kevin at Black Serum Tattoo in San Francisco! Kevin is an emerging artist originally from the Bay Area. He specializes in natural, scientific illustrations using etching and line work.

vista, california
Win a tattoo with Kloey

Win a free kelp tattoo with Kloey in Vista, California! Kloey is a talented artist specializing in fine line and illustrative work. She enjoys nature-themed tattoos, and finds inspiration in plants, animals and florals.

Los Angeles, California
enter to win a tattoo with Sara

Win a free kelp tattoo with Sara at Incognito Tattoo in Los Angeles! While she was known for skill in portraiture in her home town, moving to Los Angeles triggered a new interest in Californian flora and fauna, and in the last few years has enjoyed working with clients on creating many botanical themed tattoos.