Kelp hair challenge

Kelp forests can sequester up to 4x as much carbon as land forests, but they're under threat. Kelp forests have declined by as much as 90% in recent decades. It's up to all of us to help bring them back.

the sequoias of the sea

Kelp are large brown algae that grow in cool coastal waters. Like land-based forests, kelp forests are vital ecosystems that provide food and shelter for biodiverse marine life. Kelp forests are also essential to protecting coastlines from storms and sea level rise, absorbing excess nutrients in the water, and reducing ocean acidification.

the problem

ecosystem in crisis

Kelp forests have declined by as much as 90% in recent decades due to climate change, warming waters and a surge in purple urchin populations.

the solution
kelp forest restoration

We're working with our friends at SeaTrees to restore kelp forests in Southern California. Divers identify and clear 'urchin barrens', allowing kelp to regrow into a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

Help the Kelp

One percent of sales from each bag sold helps to fund these restoration projects. Together, we've helped restore over 5,500 square feet of kelp along California's coast.