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Surfrider and 12 Tides Collab

Surfrider and 12 Tides Collab
Image Source: SIMS Lifecycle Services

We are excited to share with you information about the Surfrider Foundation San Francisco Chapter, an organization that we are working with together to help achieve our common mission to protect our oceans. Both teams from Surfrider and 12 Tides are ocean activists helping to restore ocean habitats and address the plastic pollution issues along California’s coast. As you may know from previous blog posts, two of our valued pillars are using sustainable alternatives to single-use, petroleum-based plastics and restoring ocean ecosystems through our partnership with SeaTrees. Here at 12 Tides, we consciously evaluate our environmental impact and reduce our plastic waste through compostable packaging. 

12 Tides intern, Chanel, had the pleasure of speaking with Holden Hardcastle, the Executive Committee Chair of the Surfrider Foundation San Francisco Chapter, who educated us about their impact on ocean conservation and what they are doing since the pandemic began. Read further to learn about how you can support your local Surfrider chapter and reduce your plastic-use! 

Image Source: Surfrider Foundation San Francisco Chapter 

The Surfrider Foundation San Francisco Chapter focuses their attention on three beaches to host their beach cleanups: Baker Beach, China Beach, and Ocean Beach. If you’re located in San Francisco, check out their calendar to see when the next beach cleanups are!

Baker Beach’s attractive location, with a stunning view of the Golden Gate bridge, draws the attention of tourists and locals alike. As a heavily entertained and populated beach, monthly cleanups are crucial here.

China Beach, a small cove hidden between Lands End and Baker Beach provides a great spot, sheltered from the wind, for relaxing and viewing Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate. Regular beach cleanups aren’t held here by the SF Chapter, but Corporate Cleanups sometimes occur. 

Ocean Beach inhabits 3.5 miles of coastline offering enough room for beach goers, dogs, fishers, and surfers. However, being three times the size of all other beaches in San Francisco, according to Surfrider, the beach causes a large trash problem as it doesn’t have many options to dispose of trash. 

Image Source: Julien Bacal

The Surfrider Foundation makes a huge impact through policy, coastal protection, clean water, and plastic pollution victories. Holden was inspired to work for the Surfrider Foundation “to be involved with an organization that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches for all people.” Holden works for the SF Chapter under a volunteer position, along with many others employed by Surfrider. This shows how Holden and the Surfrider community are strongly committed and passionate about conserving the ocean. Today, Surfrider has over 82 chapters, the San Francisco Chapter being one of the largest. In Holden’s words, “We are often at the fore-front of many environmental issues and challenges.” 

Not only do Surfrider’s chapters clean up our beaches and waterways, but they also prevent cigarette butts and shotgun wads from entering the ocean, work with local restaurants to reduce their single use packaging, and partner with governing bodies and other organizations to pass legislation and participate in environmental projects. The Surfrider SF Chapter has various programs specific to cleaning and restoring the Bay Area detailed on their website

There is still much you can do to clean the oceans and live sustainably while in the pandemic. Holden and the Surfrider San Francisco chapter encourages people to do beach cleanups and input their clean up data on the main Surfrider website. Holden also advises people to shop and support businesses that examine their environmental impact and reduce their overall waste, like 12 Tides!

About the Author: Chanel Bullock is currently a junior at Santa Clara University pursuing a degree in psychology with minors in sustainability and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about incorporating sustainability into her lifestyle and spreading environmental awareness to others. Chanel also loves to surf and anything to do with the ocean!