Our Favorite Sustainability Podcasts

Our Favorite Sustainability Podcasts
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Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as people are realizing they are the perfect multitasking activity to tune into while driving, walking, working out, or relaxing at home. They enable us to conveniently access information without looking at a screen! Podcasts spark our imagination and help us to become better listeners. Check out our five favorite podcasts to learn more about ocean conservation and sustainability! These podcasts will remind you of your passion for conserving the environment. All podcasts can be found on a variety of different platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify!


A Sustainable Mind

A Sustainable Mind is a podcast that dives into conversations with sustainable business professionals about their impactful environmental campaigns, organizations, and startups. Majorie Alexander, the host and producer of A Sustainable Mind, uncovers the behind the scenes environmental challenges that guest speakers are working to overcome. Guests talk about how their appreciation for nature and sustainability during childhood impacted their career path. Listen to A Sustainable mind to take advantage of the insightful advice from these environmental changemakers and to learn to become your own sustainable innovator! 

One of 12 Tides’ co-founders, Pat Schnettler, is featured on A Sustainable Mind! Click the link to listen: Ocean-Friendly Snacks to the Rescue with Pat Schnettler of 12 Tides


Speak Up For The Ocean Blue

Speak Up for the Blue keeps you up-to-date on the issues affecting our oceans all around the world. Andrew Lewin, the host, educates you on topics ranging from climate change, plastic pollution, sustainable practices, political environmental issues, coastal destruction, overfishing, marine life rescues, and much more. If you are looking to start a career in ocean conservation or to become a local activist in your community, Andrew is the perfect mentor. Become a part of Speak Up For Ocean Blue’s community to stay informed and passionate about ocean conservation. 


How To Save a Planet 

Want to know more about what we can do as a global community to solve the climate crisis? Every week, How to Save a Planet answers this question by talking to individuals who are actively developing solutions. Hosts, Alex Blumberg and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, are entertaining storytellers who will keep you engaged. Not only is this podcast educational and inspiring, but they take an uplifting and positive approach to the otherwise disheartening topic of climate change. You will be left feeling hopeful and well-informed about the current state of our planet. Be sure to listen to the podcasts that recently came out on kelp farming


The Wild with Chris Morgan

Escape the stress of your daily life and  immerse yourself into nature with the NPR's podcast The Wild. Follow the journey with Chris Morgan around the world listening to the elegant natural sounds of wildlife, free of human beings. Chris Morgan’s soothing voice will allow you to easily connect with nature and make you feel as if you are there. Take a step away from whatever you are doing and become present with our natural world. 

Meet the Ocean

Meet the Ocean is perfect for you if you are looking for a podcast to listen to with your children! Meet the Ocean is a nonprofit organization aimed to make educational information about the ocean fun. The podcast blends audio theater and storytelling to keep its listeners entertained and engaged. Meet the Ocean emphasizes to its listeners that all life on the planet matters, and how it’s important to conserve earth’s vitality and diversity. Take five to ten minutes out of your day to reconnect with your love for the ocean and join the adventure! 

About the Author: Chanel Bullock is currently a junior at Santa Clara University pursuing a degree in psychology with minors in sustainability and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about incorporating sustainability into her lifestyle and spreading environmental awareness to others. Chanel also loves to surf and anything to do with the ocean!