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A Compilation of our Favorite Ocean Advocate Musicians

A Compilation of our Favorite Ocean Advocate Musicians

Photo image credit: National Geographic

We may be all about the oceans here at 12 Tides but we also love jamming to some good tunes. Especially when the music is created by people who care about the ocean and marine conservation just as much as we do! That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new 12 Tides Spotify Beach Vibes playlist, a soundtrack of songs perfect for your next beach getaway or if you’re like us here at 12 Tides working from home, a throwback to vacations pre-COVID times. 

We also wanted to highlight some of the artists featured in our playlist who have been involved with some pretty awesome ocean conservation and marine efforts. Read on for more information and follow our 12 Tides Spotify for more groovy tunes!

  1. Jack Johnson

Musician and surfer born and raised in Hawaii, Jack Johnson saw firsthand the impact of ocean pollution on the beaches near his home. A strong ocean advocate, he has worked on supporting the ocean in various ways. He founded Kokua Hawaii Foundation, which focuses on environmental education in schools in Hawaii, offering farm-to-school programs, plastic-free programs, recycling, and field trips out into nature to inspire kids to enjoy and appreciate the natural world. He also produced and participated in the documentary The Smog of the Sea, a short film that follows an unlikely crew of ocean advocates from different industries on a weeklong expedition to explore the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean. Fun fact: Most songs off Johnson’s 2017 album All The Light Above It Too were inspired by the ocean excursion. You can check out some of our favorite tunes from Johnson on our playlist including “Sunsets for Somebody Else,” “Is One Moon Enough,” and “Fragments.”

  1. Pharrell Williams 

Photo image credit: Global Music Rights

Those who hear Pharrell Williams tunes on the top 40 radio may not be as familiar with the environmentalist/entrepreneurial side of him. The musician and producer is also the Creative Director of Bionic Yarn, a material engineering company that focuses on producing high-grade textiles and polymers from coastal and marine plastic. Bionic Yarn has big brands on its list of partnerships including Timberland, Burton, and H&M. Additionally Williams is the co-owner of G-Star Raw, a denim brand, and launched the company’s sustainability-focused line, Raw for the Oceans, to make blue jeans from ocean plastics. In the year 2015, the brand recycled 2 million plastic bottles and 1,000 tons of plastic debris in its products. Jam out to the acoustic rendition of Williams’ “Happy” on our playlist for some smooth acoustic guitar sounds. 

  1. Cody Simpson 

Photo image credit: Billboard

Australian singer-songwriter, swimmer, and surfer Cody Simpson has had an ingrained love of the sea from a young age. He grew up by the ocean and beach on the Gold Coast in Australia, the country’s coastal city. His parents were professional swimmers and had him swimming before walking. In 2017, Simpson was named the United Nations Development Programme Oceans Advocate, where he focuses on raising awareness on the critical role of oceans for the health of people and the planet. In his role, he wants to inspire young young people to play an active role in ocean conservation and protection for the future. Now LA-based and living by Venice Beach, Simpson’s passion for the ocean and environment is reflected in his surf-rock, guitar-driven song lyrics, the former of which he also cites as his poetry muse. Listen to “Seven Hours on the Mediterranean Sea” and “Palm of Your Hand” to hear Simpson’s connection to the ocean. 

  1. Jason Mraz


Photo image credit: Press Herald

Similarly to Johnson and Simpson, singer-songwriter Mraz became attached to the ocean through surfing, his first connection with nature. Growing up, people would tell him not to go to the ocean after the rain, but he did not listen, and therefore experienced firsthand the ocean pollution, with garbage and residue on his clothes after surfing. Surfing taught him all about becoming a better land steward and since, Mraz’s relation to the natural environment has expanded beyond the ocean. He also cares deeply about organic farming, now the owner of an organic farm that grows produce including avocados and citrus fruits. An avid supporter of ocean conservation, Mraz also interviewed for Sea Voices, a book to unite and inspire people around the world about ocean health, and is involved in ocean conservation projects with organizations like Surfrider Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Check out Mraz’s duet with Colbie Caillat “Lucky” for some major throwback vibes on our playlist. 


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