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7 Ocean Heroes that Helped Us Celebrate World Oceans Week

7 Ocean Heroes that Helped Us Celebrate World Oceans Week

This year for world oceans week, 12 Tides had the privilege of welcoming some awesome ocean lovers, researchers, and advocates to take over our Instagram. Here is a recap of everything they taught us this week!

1. @lowtidelanding

Jess, an artist and lifelong ocean lover, showed us how kelp forests inspire her jewelry. She took us on a tour of her studio where her creations come to life and shared some of her favorite ocean experiences with us.

2. @taylork.sea

Taylor, a marine biologist, shark diver, and so much more, took us diving with her. Taylor shared incredible footage of sharks and taught us some important information about shark conservation.

3. @smartie_lids_on_the_beach

Michelle, an artist, showed us some of the beautiful beaches of the UK and the plastic pollution that is threatening them. Michelle then showed us how she uses found ocean plastic to create beautiful artwork.

4. @imlichentoday 

Siena, an ecological artist and educator, shared some of her favorite dive spots and the invertebrates she finds there. She also taught us about the interesting and understudied world of marine sponges. She finished off the day by showing us the incredible murals she recently completed at Birch Aquarium.

5. @christine.with.a.sea

Christine, a scuba diver and photographer, showed us some of her amazing underwater macro photography. Then, she took us on a dive at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and shared some of her diving wisdom with us. 

6. @tmcclure74

Tim, a marine ecologist and NAUI dive master, took us through how the dynamics of kelp forests are changing due to pressure from disease, fishing, rising water temperatures, and historical factors. He also answered questions about diving, underwater ecosystems, and underwater photography.

7. @emilyrose_naturephoto

⁠Emily, an environmentalist and photographer, shared with us some of her favorite ways to photograph marine life and some of the amazing conservation organizations that she has partnered with. Emily taught us about good wildlife viewing ethics and how we can best support our oceans and the planet. 

A big thank you to all of the amazing ocean lovers who were kind enough to share their ocean experiences on our Instagram stories this week! Check out our featured stories to see these for yourself!


About the Author: Emma Gamble is a junior at the George Washington University majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in public policy. Emma is passionate about incorporating greater sustainability into our food systems in order to create a greener future for people and the planet. Emma enjoys sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.